Amber Bone Hobo


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The Hobo® features a Clip blade, fork, and spoon which is perfect for on the go or outdoor dining.

Open it and the handle splits apart into separate knife, fork, and spoon. Slide the handle together and it folds up like a standard pocket knife. This knife is constructed with Case Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel which is a special high-carbon steel that helps the blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel.

It also offers extraordinary blade strength and corrosion resistance. Just toss in a backpack or glove compartment and you are set.

Made in the USA. Features include:

  • Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blades
  • Clip blade, fork, and spoon
  • Peach seed jigged Amber Bone handle
  • 4.13 inches/10.48cm closed; 2.7 ounces

Product code: CK-00052