Carhartt Blanket



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A blanket as tough and versatile as they come.

Have it block cold as a bleacher pad and blanket, make it a kilt, stash it in the boot for emergencies, throw it in the back seat to protect from dogs and kids, use it as a wind machine, cover up a mess in the living room, use it as a poncho, use it on the couch, make a pillow, make a pillow cover, make a cape, make a fort, make a shield, warm up your dog, warm up your kids, warm up you, wipe off your dog, wipe off your kids, hide presents from your kids, hide your new bike from your spouse, wrap up like a burrito, use it as the toughest picnic blanket, do a magic trick, carry fire wood, use it as a scarf, play tug of war, use it as a dog bed in the car, wrap up your tools, take it camping, sit on it, lie on it, lie under it, MAKE IT YOURS!

Size: 59.5″ x 45.5″ /151 cm x 116 cm

Fabric 12 Ounce 100% Cotton Duck on one side, 70% Polyester, 30% Acrylic Sherpa on the other.

Product Care

  • Wash cold, do not bleach and tumble dry medium. Remove promptly.