Yellow Trapperlock with Clip


$150.00 $218.00
SKU: CK-30111

The Trapperlock is born from the legendary Trapper but with one blade, and one-hand opening performance incorporated by a thumb stud.

The engraved thumb stud is fixed by a torque screw allowing for better control and the liner lock enables the one-hand opening performance.

The Trapperlock holds a Clip blade which is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work. This Trapperlock includes a convenient pocket Clip so you never have to leave home without it.

This knife is constructed with our Chrome Vanadium (CV) steel, a special formula of alloyed steel known for its edge-holding ability and easy re-sharpening.

Made in the USA. Features include:

  • Chrome Vanadium (CV) steel blade; Smooth yellow synthetic handle
  • One-hand opening Clip blade with thumb stud
  • Liner lock with pocket clip
  • 4.13 inches/10.48cm closed; 3.4 ounces

Product code: CK-30111