Frost River Lunch Bag

Frost River

SKU: 933

Brown Bag your lunch Frost River style with one of our reusable, waxed canvas Lunch Bags. Durable and water resistant (also fruit juice, salad dressing, applesauce, and hummus resistant)

The Original Lunch Bag has a rolled top and leather closure strap. handcrafted at Frost River in Duluth Minnesota.

Keep your snacks where they belong and do something sustainable for yourself and the planet. 

STYLE: 933  Lunch Bag,

Lunch Bag: 11in H x 8in W x 5in D. (8.52 L)
Lunch Bag: 0.50 lbs.
CLOSURE: Lunch Bag: Harness leather strap. Lunch Bag SB: Brass post with slotted strap. Lunch Tote: Brass button snap
MATERIALS: Lunch Bag, Lunch Bag SB: 18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass. Lunch Tote: 10.10 oz canvas, 1in cotton web, brass snap