Frost River Utensil Roll

Frost River

SKU: 705

You could store all sorts of things in one of these Utensil Rolls. 

Sure knives, forks, and spoons will work, but so will a lot of other items. Screwdrivers and wood files, wrenches and pliers, there are all sorts of items to roll in one of these organizers. 

Two grommets allow a spot to hang it up, a long flap covers the contents, the tiedown keeps everything where it belongs once rolled up. 

No tools or utensils are included in the Utensil Roll.

SIZE; Standard: 12″h x 17″w (folded) 24.5″h x 17″w (open), w/Utensils (approx): 14.5″h x 17″w (folded) 29.5″h x 17″w (open).
CLOSURE; Cotton web tie.
INTERIOR POCKETS;  7 slip pockets: varying 2"-2.5"w x 5.5" h with 1.5" nylon binding above.

18 oz. waxed canvas, nylon binding, and solid brass grommets.